Environment Variables Used By Diarkis

  • DIARKIS_STACKDRIVER_LOG is used to convert the log into Stackdriver formatted JSON.

  • DIARKIS_CLOUD_ENV is used to auto-detect which cloud server Diarkis is running in. The valid values are: GCP, AWS, AZURE, ALIBABA, TENCENT.

  • DIARKIS_MARS_ADDR is used to overwrite "marsAddress" in configuration for mesh.

  • DIARKIS_MARS_PORT is used to overwrite "marsPort" in configuration for mesh.

  • DIARKIS_SHUTDOWN_TIMEOUT is used to configure server shutdown timeout in seconds.

  • DIARKIS_CLIENT_KEY is used to set client key. If this env is set, the server will require its clients to send the same client key to connect.

  • DIARKIS_APP_NAME is used to set a custom application name to separate Diarkis cluster logically. Same effect as using mesh.AppName("Custom app name here")

  • DIARKIS_SERVER_TYPE is used to set a custom node type. Default node types are HTTP, TCP, UDP, WS. Node types do not affect server network protocol.

  • DIARKIS_USE_STRUCT_ERR is used to switch between plain string based error response and structured error with a string message and uint32 error code.

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