Diarkis Field - Synchronize With Remote Clients

NOTE: SyncInit must be called before using Sync

// This is how to receive remote clients' messages sent by their Sync
field.OnSync += HandleDiarkisFieldSync;

// Sending its current X and Y coordinates along with the Z (It is not height, but Z represents dimension)
// syncLimit controls the maximum number of remote clients to synchronize with
int syncLimit = 30;

// customFilterID executes custom filter function on the server (This is not available for Diarkis Cloud)
int customFilterID = 0;

// message will be sent to all remote clients that are within the field of view
// for UDP, reliable=true will make the message an RUDP packet
bool reliable = false;

field.Sync(x, y, z, syncLimit, customFilterID, message, reliable);

// message is the byte array sent from remote clients
private void HandleDiarkisFieldSync(byte[] message)
  // remoteMessages contains messages of the remote clients within the field of view

NOTE: The clients with negative coordinate values will NOT overlap the field of vision of the clients with positive coordinates.

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