Metrics API

Diarkis comes with Prometheus scraping endpoint.

Following are. the metrics data that you may retrieve:

  • Concurrent Users per server (UDP, TCP, WebSocket)

    UDP       - Users_UDP_node
    TCP       - User_TCP_node
    WebSocket - Users_WS_node
  • Packet in and out (UDP, TCP, WebSocket)

    UDP       - UDP_Packets_In_UDP_node
    TCP       - TCP_Packets_In_TCP_node
    WebSocket - WS_Packets_In_WS_node
    UDP       - UDP_Packets_Out_UDP_node
    TCP       - TCP_Packets_Out_TCP_node
    WebSocket - WS_Packets_Out_WS_node
  • RDUP Retries per server process

  • RUDP packets in and out that exceeded MUT per server process

  • Internal packets in and out per server process

    HTTP      - Mesh_Packets_In_HTTP_node
    UDP       - Mesh_Packets_In_UDP_node
    TCP       - Mesh_Packets_In_TCP_node
    WebSocket - Mesh_Packets_In_WS_node
    HTTP      - Mesh_Packets_Out_HTTP_node
    UDP       - Mesh_Packets_Out_UDP_node
    TCP       - Mesh_Packets_Out_TCP_node
    WebSocket - Mesh_Packets_Out_WS_node
  • Total number of rooms per server process

    UDP       - Rooms_UDP_node
    TCP       - Rooms_TCP_node
    WebSocket - Rooms_WS_node
  • Total number of matchmaking searches per server process (HTTP)


Prometheus Format (Prometheus version 2.3.2 and lower)

GET /metrics/prometheus

Prometheus Format (Prometheus version 2.3.3 and above)

GET /metrics/prometheus/v/2

Prometheus Format (Prometheus version 2.31 and above)

GET /metrics/prometheus/v/3

JSON Format

GET /metrics/prometheus

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