How To Create MatchMaker Only Server Type

You may create your dedicated server type for matchmaking.

Diarkis MatchMaker uses HTTP server type for matchmaking by default. You may configure matching (MatchMaker) to use different server type.

By creating a custom server type and configure MatchMaker to use it, you may have dedicated server type for matchmaking only.

The advantage of having dedicated server type for matchmaking is to focus the server resource on matchmaking. This is especially useful when you have a matchmaking focused applications.

How To Configure MatchMaker

You may configure your matching package (MatchMaker) using the JSON config file as follows:

In the example, we name the dedicated server type as "MM" (MatchMaker).

  "targetNodeType": "MM"

How To Create A Dedicated Server Type

Diarkis' mesh package has a function called "SetNodeType". This allows you to overwrite any default server type.

The example below uses "SetNodeType" to convert the HTTP server to be "MM" server type.

NOTE:"SetNodeType" MUST be invoked BEFORE calling "diarkis.Start()" to start the server process.

// import
// import



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