MatchMaking - How To Add Yourself For Matchmaking And Wait Until Matches Are Made

We will explain the steps to add yourself to matchmaking and wait until matches are made.


In this documentation, we assume that the matchmaking profiles has already been defined on the server.

For more details on how to define matchmaking profile, please read here.

The example matchmaking profile in this documentation is the following:

  • Matchmaking ID RankMatch

    • Rank - Range of 5

We will be using the sample matchmaking commands from the Diarkis server template.

For more information on Diarkis server template's sample matchmaking commands, please read here.

How It Works

When you add yourself to matchmaking, the server creates a room using Diarkis Room.

With this, when a player matches, matched player will joined the room and you will be notified via room's event (OnMemberJoin event).

To learn more about room's event when a new player joins, please read here.

Matched players are in the room, so you may send and receive messages while waiting.

How To Add Yourself To Matchmaking

We explain how to add yourself to matchmaking in details here.

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