Diarkis Overview

Diarkis is a framework engine for online multiplayer games that uses Kubernetes to auto-scale. Diarkis runs autonomously and covers client-side as well as server-side.

Diarkis (διαρκής) is a Greek word that roughly translates to something that is perpetual, something that does not stop

What is Diarkis?

Diarkis is a server and client software engine, for handling client to server real-time communication, scaling large-scale multiplayer games. It is designed to work on top of Kubernetes.

Diarkis is equipped with necessary functions for multiplayer games such as matchmaking, room-style multiplayer communication, MMO-style functions, and more so that you are able to jump-start your multiplayer game development right away.

With Diarkis, the server cluster is made simple. It is designed to auto-scale your Diarkis game servers using Kubernetes. Diarkis server cluster operates autonomously and deploying a new version of your Diarkis game server will not interrupt your game at all allowing you to update the game servers on the fly.

Why Diarkis?

Advantages of Diarkis:

  • The lower management cost of game servers as Diarkis itself handles scaling and runs autonomously in most cases.

  • Built-in critical features for multiplayer games that allow the developer to use and customize as they see fit.

  • Cloud platform agnostic. It means that Diarkis can be deployed anywhere.

  • High fault-tolerant server cluster system that ensures the availability of your games.

  • The modular architecture of Diarkis can be tailored to your multilayer game mechanism.

Core Features

  • Diarkis Room implements a MO-style setup for your multiplayer game that provides the foundation for games such as multiplayer FPS, battle royale, dungeon-crawling, etc.

  • Diarkis Group implements a large-scale grouping of players that allows chats and messaging between a large number of players.

  • Diarkis MatchMaker is a very unique matchmaking system where the player is able to search for other players with flexible conditions in real-time on an extremely large scale.

  • Diarkis Field synchronizes remote players that are within the field of each other's view in a single universe where all players share the time and space together.

  • Diarkis P2P uses the Diarkis server cluster as STUN and TURN to enable smooth peer-to-peer communication suitable for multiplayer games sensitive to network latency.

  • The decentralized architecture of Diarkis enables multiplayer games to scale horizontally within its server cluster.


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