C# Client v0.1.14 から v0.6.0 の CHANGELOG


  • (NEW) OnNotification event added for Notifier support to UDP and TCP client classes

  • (UPDATE) C# MatchMaker IssueTicket parameter now has a default value


  • (UPDATE) C# cli removed manual P2P test

  • (UPDATE) C# P2P class removed unused private property


  • (UPDATE) Room property sync flag added to UpdateProperties and SyncProperties added

  • (UPDATE) WebSocket classes added for WebGL support

  • (UPDATE) UDP/TCP/WebSocket Connection timeout added


  • P2P local address handling improved


  • (Update) Room class added UpdateObject and OnObjectUpdate event

  • (Update) Room class added SyncObjects and OnObjectSync event


  • (Update) P2P now supports local addresses to support local peer-to-peer


  • (Update) Room added a new client event for owner change - C# added the event support


  • (Update) C# P2P added RUDP

  • (Breaking) P2P success report command ID changed


  • (Update) Echo added local address list


  • (Fix) C# MatchMaker class bug fix OnJoinResponse event is not raised when search with join flag set to false using a single server

  • (Fix) C# P2P hole punch had a loop hole where sending hole punch packets may not stop when there are more than 2 peers


  • (Update) Room class added Chat methods

  • (Update) MatchMaker class added IssueTicket method

  • (Update) MatchMaker class added host change event

  • (Update) Room class JoinRandom added allowEmpty parameter

  • (Breaking) P2P message header changed to improve hole punching mechanism


  • (Update) DirectMessage class added

  • (Update) C# Room class JoinRandom added allowEmpty parameter

  • (Breaking) C# P2P hole punch messages now have different header

  • (Fix) C# Group bag fix - error message string set as group ID

  • (Fix) C# Group and Room fixed error message string is instered when join random join fails


  • (Update) Group class added OnLeave

  • (Update) MatchMaker added tag

  • (Fix) Group fixed MemberJoin MemberLeave events


  • (UPDATE) MatchMaker HostMatchmaking no longer restricts TTL to be max 60 seconds

  • (FIX) MatchMaker class bug fix string split

  • (BREAKING CHANGE) MatchMaker class and TeamMatchMaker class unified

  • (BREAKING CHANGE) UDP and TCP added reliable bool flag for OnPush and OnResponse

  • (UPDATE) MatchMaker team commit response is now sent when it is successful

  • (UPDATE) Room GetNumberOfMembers added max members in the response


  • (NEW) MatchMaker and TeamMachMaker classes added

  • (FIX) Internal fix only: RUDP ack was looping eack array instead

  • (UPDATE) P2P added Connect that takes address as a string. The address string format is "" with port

  • (FIX) C# Bot fixed to match the current version of the server

  • (UPDATE) P2P class added a check to ignore messages from other peers

  • (UPDATE) Field module is now able to synchronize with remote clients that are in nearby grids that are with in the view of vision


  • SyncData class added

  • GetNumberOfRoomMembers added

  • UDP and TCP added Migrate with server type

  • UDP added EnableSendImmediate


  • P2P bug fix when checking P2P message from a peer

  • Fix for CatchOnReconnect timer triggered delegated action being raised from a sub thread


  • C# Group class Create and JoinRandom parameters changed data types to match the actual usage

  • C# Room class Create, Join, JoinRandom, Register, FindRoomsByType changed numeric data type to match the actual usage


  • Room class added Leave(), MessageTo(), and Broadcast() without room ID requirement


  • Room class added Migrate() to use room migration

  • Room.OnMemberMessage event removes 4-byte-long header from the payload

  • Room.Create errors when allowEmpty=false and join=false are given

  • Room.GetLastErrorMessage added for event errors

  • Group.GetLastErrorMessage added for event errors

  • TCP and UDP client added disposable interface

  • Diarkis.Lib.Util.HexStringToBytes added

  • Bug fix: CatchOnReconnect for TCP and UDP no properly dispatches the event when there is a reconnect (Affected Room OnJoin event)


  • Logger added UNITY_IOS and UNITY_ANDROID preprocessor directive check

  • UDP client ExecuteDisconnect_ checks _disconnect flag and now receives reconn flag from the network thread caller instead of checking _reconnecting flag itself

  • Fixed an internal logging of UDP client that causes an error

  • Test CLI improved JSON parse so that it does not crush when the JSON response from HTTP server changes

  • UDP client added SID to SYN, ACK, and EACK to support source address change (RUDP gets to keep the connection even if the source address changes)


  • Added Diarkis.Logger class