In order to connect to Diarkis server cluster, the client must obtain the endpoint and encryption keys.

Diarkis has an HTTP REST endpoint for this, which is shown below.

The client must authenticate itself with the application server first because Diarkis does not have user authentication.

The application server should request the Diarkis server to obtain the entry data.

Below is the entry HTTP API to obtain endpoints and encryption keys:

The entry endpoint returned by the HTTP API will only be the given server type.

Server Types:

  • TCP

  • UDP

  • WS

NOTE: You may use custom defined server type as well.

GET /endpoint/type/{server type}/user/<unique user ID> -H "ClientKey:<Client Key>"
  "WS":"", // (WebSocket endpoint) Not used if you are using our Diarkis Cloud
  "TCP":"", // TCP endpoint
  "UDP":"", // UDP endpoint
  "sid":"9985a8943ce5467a8f9436b0a38a7a25", // Encryption key
  "encryptionKey":"cdca9e1b31bb4cf5ad4072a02fb7c0ad", // Encryption key
  "encryptionIV":"1706e3f72e934d6c939b15cf436eb9e6", // Encryption key
  "encryptionMacKey":"f2a99106188d478fbe1537b6f2e071c8" // Encryption key

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