Diarkis Group - Static Group

Diarkis Group comes with a feature that creates and manages groups that do not go "away". This is useful when you need to have a stationary groups to handle all-user notifications and all-user chats e

How Static Group Works

To create static groups, you will need to add additional configurations for Diarkis Group.

When you start the server process Diarkis Group reads from this configurations and creates static groups.

NOTE: Static group IDs will be dictated by the configurations and do not change.

IMPORTANT: You cannot create static groups in runtime.


  • groupID - A group ID must be exactly 52 character long.

  • interval - Groups have message buffer to control the server load. The interval is in milliseconds.

  "staticGroups": [
    { "groupID": "AA11111222223333344444555556666677777888889999900000", "interval": 200 },
    { "groupID": "BB11111222223333344444555556666677777888889999900000", "interval": 1000 }

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